Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm Back!

Whoa! I've been caught in the netherworld for the last three days with no Internet service...but I'm back up now and recorded this video that I'd hoped I'd get to post---yippee! I'm saying goodbye in it, but I should get to post a time or two more if my Internet connection holds out :) This video is 5:27 long:


patti said...

erck! Phone companies/internet connections can be a nightmare. You've just made me appreciate that mine is working well. (touch wood!)

Hawaii ! Your happy place! Aloha to you too!

Kim Mailhot said...

What a pain !!! Well, looks like you will earn that vacation even more !
I hope one of the rocks makes it to Hawaii ! Yippee!

Olivia said...

Yes, there are so many things we take for granted until they don't work!
I am going to my soul's home :)


Olivia said...

You got it! I will take at least one to will be fun to see how it travels through security :)

laundrygirl said...

Here's to a great trip! Have a good time!!

Olivia said...

Thanks so much Kristine...Aloha, O!