Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wellness Wednesday: Personal Drama

Personal drama is so frustrating! First of all, its very nature is frustrating. Who actually likes personal drama?

Then, I can't really share it with you. I want to. I long to, especially in the interests of authenticity. If it were up to me, I would. But others are involved. So I want to give people who aren't me privacy. Thus, I can't blog about it.

Some of my personal drama is pretty intense. It makes me unable to work or to think about anything but the personal drama. And worst of all, I can't write about it!! GGGGRRRRRRR!

And I can't blog about something frivolous or fun or creative or really anything at all until the personal drama lets up. Fortunately it did last night, and thus I was able to share with you my story about me and LoveHubbie. BTW, LoveHubbie kept his promise. $92.15. Paid by the hard ass. BUNS OF STEEL! If this seems weird to you, check here and it won't.

So I've spent a week ensconced in personal drama. Unable to be creative. Unable to be productive. Questioning the most basic things about my life. Wishing I could write., I my journal. But I don't get to share it with you gals and guys.

Sigh! The nature of blogging with integrity on the world-wide web.

How is this a part of Wellness Wednesday? Well, we blog to share our hearts and to connect and to be well. And sometimes we don't share to stay connected and to hold true to our values despite the pain and struggle and chaos of personal drama. And overall we stay well.

We hope. I hope.

Well, we can live with ourselves. At least we can do that. And pray that our personal drama settles down so that life as we love it in peace can resume.


thailandchani said...

Luckily I don't have much personal drama. (How can I? I'm single! :) At the same time, my housemate has daily personal drama. Even that's toxic... so I hope yours ends soon.

The older I get, the more heartless I seem to become about that. I'll walk away much faster than I used to.

Kate said...


When I am in something that I can't blog about it goes into my journal so I can let it out. Sometimes that means just writing it down and other times it means doing a collage of sorts, just playing with paint and paper is therapeutic to me. I feel better if I can let it out in some way.


Leah said...

i love kate's suggestions!! :-)

GreenishLady said...

I hope things do settle down soon. Even if you can't share the details of the drama, simply to say "There's stuff going on that's frustrating me..." says a lot, and I too like the suggestion that you write, collage, ... get it out there.

Olivia said...


I think it shows wisdom to walk away from those enmeshed in personal drama. How else can you keep a peaceful life? I don't know how to keep others' personal drama from seeping into my life. Now THAT would be a great post!

Peace, O


Olivia said...

Kate and Leah,

Yes, I do believe in these coping strategies. I just don't like being silent here. It doesn't feel real. I am used to sharing "everything" of importance, so it feels funny. It's still what I'm going to do, but I just don't like that feeling!

Namaste, O

Olivia said...

Yes, you're right, Leah, just mentioning it here gives it the amount of exposure I can with integrity, and lets everyone know I'm still alive!

Peace, O

Rick Hamrick said...

O--My only words of encouragement are to insist that you find a way to be moving. Even if the virtual steps are microns long, move from where you are in the drama to a new scene.

I have seen people (as you chose not to do, I will also not mention the people specifically) who grow so comfortable in the midst of the drama that they become fixated in it. It's almost as if they are not completely alive unless starring in the drama.

This isn't you. And, I know I am telling you something you already know. At the same time, encouraging one to move in exactly the fashion they are planning to move can prove helpful, and that's my intent.

I'll see you here, on the peaceful bank of the drama river! I'm happy to offer a hand if you need help climbing out of the current.

Olivia said...

Thank you for your encouragement, Rick. Indeed, it is helpful to be told even things you know because you may not be remembering them just then, or at that point in your life. Little steps will eventually lead to major movement.

I hope to reach the bank someday. Thank you more than you know for your offer of a hand up :)

Peace and love and dramalessness,



Angela said...

Not creative, my dear? Your photos are great! I love whatever that is you did with them. Remember to breathe for as always, this, too shall pass. Love ya.

Olivia said...

Ha, ha, Angela...I guess you're right! I'm doing that thing I do---the "too hard on myself thing". Thanks, Angela. Love you, too, O

Journey Through Life said...

What perfect pictures to go with this post, O. And your personal integrity shines through this post. Not everyone would think in the same way. It says a lot about your loyalty, honor, friendship and trust.
Love you and have missed you in my long blogging absence.

Olivia said...

Thank you, Annie! It IS so good to hear from you, miss you too, and good to have you back. Thank you for your kind words, Love, O xxoo