Friday, May 23, 2008

Flying-By-Week and Amazon

This week I skipped over Sacred Sunday and passed by Wellness Wednesday and here it suddenly is Friday and a week since I lasted blogged. I don't know how this happened. Of course, I'm home now and getting back into my regular life. Here are some things I wanted to share with you:

This article from Charles Eisenstein that attempts to summarize his book "The Ascent of Humanity" into a page. (Not possible, but a good effort.) Note that the entire text of this masterpiece is now online for free, with the expectation that you will donate what you find it worth to you. It's an amazing and worthwhile read.

My profile page on Amazon, along with links to the reviews I've written. If you find a review helpful, please vote for it, as it not only helps my rankings, but it helps me to see what people like and don't like. But it really does help my rankings, thanks in advance!

When you go through my Amazon reviews, you'll find out a lot about me. Things like:

If it seems like all I've been doing this week is sitting around eating organic chocolate and drinking tea and reading Hawaiian books...well, that's what I've been doing! Dagoba Chocolate reviews are very important!

If my reviews seem to cover wide-ranging areas of interest, it's because I've been reviewing on Amazon for over ten years, and my tastes have changed as I've changed.

If it seems like I buy everything under the sun via Amazon, it's because I do. Everything. You'll see. Most recently, I've stepped out and reviewed some...err...unusual things to review, even for me.

I wanted to include again, because it's been a while, a link to Amazon's Movers & Shakers. Now, this list is just for books, but on the left-hand column you can see links to Movers & Shakers for many other things. One of my favorites is Kitchen & Dining, a place I often visit when looking for a gift. "Movers & Shakers" mean that something is increasing dramatically in popularity on Amazon in that category, and there's always a reason. In Books it's most often because the author is promoting the book on television. But in the other categories it's usually because there is a price cut. I've gotten tremendous bargains there. So...Explore!

In addition, if you're considering shopping this weekend, try Sierra Trading Post's Barn Burners. They offer screaming deals and video reviews of outdoor products, but other things too, like high quality clothes and shoes and more. Their regular prices are good, but the Barn Burner changes several times a day, most have videos, and you can get some useful things while saving money.

That's about as deep as it gets around here today, folks!

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thailandchani said...

That article was really very good... and summarized enough that hopefully some more people will buy the book. I've been recommending it like crazy.. and don't usually do that.

Your amazon reviews: Is there a way to segregate the book reviews from the products? I'm not much of a consumer of "stuff" - but you've never steered me wrong on a book. :)

Olivia said...

I hope more people buy it too, Chani, especially since it's now totally accessible and affordable!! If you do read this, please let myself and/or Chani know, and let us know what you think.

As far as segregation, or even some kind of sorting---no, but I wish! I can't even sort when I review my 1100 reviews. They don't even tell me when I get a comment. So...periodically, which for me is monthly, I have to go through all of them, checking everything out.

Chani, there aren't many books like TAOH. If you're looking for a type of book, just email me and I'll steer you in the right direction. My email address is limitless at (minus the spaces and substituting an ampersand).

I hope you have a good weekend, up...and have fun out of the sun at the wat! Love, O

Leah said...

olivia, i've just spent ages, perusing your reviews! love them! and how wonderful and brave of you to do the "unusual reviews!" i found them very interesting and helpful, so thank you!! :-)

Olivia said...

Mining for gold, Leah :) We both know which ones you mean...but you know, what more effective review for them than a video review? It only makes sense, right?

I appreciate your taking the time to look, Leah...and for your kind words, Peace and love, O xxoo

Angela said...

I want a week like that! Organic chocolate, tea and books, what could be better!Thanks for all the great links, O, and have a wonderful weekend.

CrystalChick said...

Chocolate, tea, books...sounds like an awesome time to me.
I stopped at Amazon briefly and clicked 'helpful' for your Rob Brezney book review and left a comment. It was an older book but enjoyable. I always liked his fun horoscopes.

Happy Sunday! :)

Olivia said...

You're welcome, Angela. Thank YOU for your provocative post tonight, Love, O xxoo

Olivia said...

Mary, yes indeed! I loved Pronoia...such a different book, but so worthwhile. Peace and joy, O xxoo

yertle said...

This book has been recommended me before, but I hadn't decided to get it yet. This post puts me over the edge. Time to click over to Amazon. Thanks.

Olivia said...

You're welcome! I know you'll enjoy it :) Peace, O xxoo