Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sacred Life Sunday: Mushroom Season

Well, it is fall in the U.S., and in the Pacific Northwest it is mushroom season. I have much going on in the drama and relationship area that I cannot blog about, so since I want to stay in touch with you and share my life with you, I'm sharing what I can, and today it's mushrooms. These are all mushrooms I spotted in a single day on my driveway, as here they pop up everywhere in all sorts of colors. I like not knowing what they are called, but simply enjoying them for what they are.

Especially if you're not from the area, I thought you'd enjoy seeing some of nature's miracles.

I headed out with my camera, hoping I'd find some good ones to share with you and I wasn't disappointed.

This first one shows how the mushrooms pop up anywhere, even where other things are planted:

Here is an interesting mushroom with an Asian-type hat as a top:

This picture shows how they are seeming to pop up all over the place:

Here is a rather large mushroom with a gigantic slug squeezing it. Kind of creepy in an October-Halloween kind of way:

Here is how they can cluster along the driveway:

This picture shows the interesting texture of these mushrooms:

This mushroom is thick and meaty:

Look at the bright orange color of this one:

And up close: 

This one is quite slimy:

This one complex:

And here is one last one for you:

I hope you've enjoyed these, and that you had a wonderful weekend, and a special Sacred Sunday!

~All photos--such as they are--by me--can't wait until I get my new phone with a working camera. I need the editing software...these are as good as I could get, though, and I really hope you enjoy them :)


kate i said...

These are great shots Olivia. I love the way they pop up everywhere...almost overnight it seems. We had one at the front of our house that's orange but not round, and very thin like a small piece of cloth lying on the ground. They're so varied and unique. It would be interesting to know what they are but I'm not the least tempted to risky! I'm glad you posted, it's good to hear from you.

I'm sorry that you're life is still stressfull Olivia...I hope that it eases up for you soon. Sending you much love and positive energy. I think of you often.

patti said...

They are magical little pieces of nature aren't they? Are any of them edible? I'd be out there with my basket and knife collecting some for dinner if they were!

Great close-ups O and a lovely glimpse into your neck of the woods!

I hope your family situation improves soon. Things often get worse before they get better, so hang in there!

Kim Mailhot said...

Mushrooms are pretty fascinating plants...such variety !
Glad you had some miracles to be awed by.
Sending lots of love and light your way !

Seeking Simplicity said...

Hey are those mushrooms edible? I'm thinking a restorative and healthy mushroom risotto would sound delish.

How are you? Preparing for November's Namo?

By the way I love your photos.

I'm finally moved and unpacked and ready to step up to all the wonderful things that Autumn brings (I wish it brought mushrooms). Love ya!

CrystalChick said...

I'm not overly fond of mushrooms so a couple of them looked sort of creepy to me. The one with the icky big slug and the bumpy textured one gave me a little shudder. The last one, however, was a bit magical looking. Maybe there is a little family of fairies that hang out there when no one is looking.

My husband loves mushrooms so I do buy them occasionally to stir fry as a side dish or make him soup. He's happy that I don't eat them... more for him!