Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wellness Wednesday: Processing the Past With Art and the Queen of Creativity

Two weeks have flown by since my last post. I still haven't written about the "tough times" I'm going through, but I promise I will.

I am leaving for a short trip to visit a close friend of mine in Phoenix and wanted to leave you with this before I go. I took a class called "Mixed Media 101" from Kate Robertson, the Queen of Creativity, and just loved it! Even though I'm not technically a beginner, as I've been doing art for several years, I needed a fresh start and this was it. I've invigorated my art! I wanted to share my art journal from the class with you.

The photos are somewhat small for privacy's sake for some of the pages. I used my art journal to vent and to process deep emotions and childhood issues.

This next page was particularly interesting as it was to teach us how to draw (especially if we felt we couldn't draw) from a photo. The little bird is what I drew and the photo is at the bottom.

This is a pocket I made with an artist trading card on top. Inside the pocket I have a poem I wrote.

Kate taught us to do all of these things so "Thank you, Kate!" I recommend her class to you if you'd like to make an art journal like this and get started (or re-started) in mixed media collage and art!

See you next week when I return from Arizona :) Much love to you...I'll miss you all! xoO


Kate said...


Your pages look fantastic. I am so glad that you had fun in the class. I appreciate your support so much, Have fun in Arizona...

patti said...

Really beautiful pages O!! The class clearly released your creative spirit! I love that little bird! Enjoy Arizona!!

Kim Mailhot said...

looks like you had a great time with Kate ! Wonderful!
Enjoy your travels ! Hugs !

Anonymous said...

Your pages are beautiful. I hope this was as healing to you as it looks like it would be. xo K

Jane said...

Really gorgeous journal pages, Olivia! I've always wanted to learn how to make artful pages like that but seem to fall back on the old standard pen on blank pages. I hope all is well at your end. Have fun in AZ!

Anonymous said...

Art journals are wonderful vehicles for exploration in so many ways. I especially love the pages with the painted background and then the writing all over them...which in itself forms beautiful patterns.

I hope your trip to Arizona was a good break...I'm sure you'll have had some welcome sunshine.

Olivia said...

Kate, I was so glad to take the class. It was fun and inspirational and even more so because I know you :)

Patti, me too, he is so cute. Thank you, my dear.

Kim, I did indeed. I'm catching up now, reading about your cat situation and so glad all is well!!!!

Kelly, it was very healing and cathartic. And necessary!

Jane, I was in a rut too and was glad to take the class to give myself a push!

kate i, it was so nice, lots of sun, the opposite of where you and I live! The change was okay, the trip was amazing, the weather was something I tolerated and didn't miss when I came back here....

Thank you all, ladies, for your well-wishes and comments! xoO