Thursday, December 3, 2009

Lumahuli Gardens

For me, vacations in Hawaii are not about the activities we participate in there at all. LoveHubbie felt that in Kauai there was "nothing to do". Exactly. Nothing but relax in the pool, watch the constant rainy squalls, read, sit on the lanai and watch the wild chickens, take long walks, visit sleepy laid-back hippie towns, talk with laid-back interesting people, eat glorious fresh food of all types, sleep, and take pictures of the awesome scenery everywhere.

While in Kauai, I visited a garden called Lumahuli which is populated with native plants and set up on an old ahupua`a ( a pie-shaped section of land running from the mountains to the sea that for the early Hawaiians gave them total self-sufficiency and sustainability by trading and working together within that land unit). Lumahuli is attempting to recreate the ahupua`a and it's gorgeous. Here are some pictures:

It was one of my favorite things that we did on Kauai and I can't wait to go back. Anything related to Hawaiian history fascinates me.

~Photos by LoveHubbie Mark


thailandchani said...

That is just beautiful! I would love to see that scenery every day!


groovysabrina said...

Beautiful indeed! So much green and so many interesting landscapes!

patti said...

Magical and exotic! The holiday you describe sounds just like what I need!

Anonymous said...

One person's "nothing to do" is another person's heaven, eh? Hawaii looks breathtaking.

kate i said...

Olivia, if you ever go back to Kauai again be sure to visit the Kadavul Hindu Temple in the mountains outside Kapaa. This temple is the home of a very large Earthkeeper crystal (40" high and700 lbs).

I met the woman (from Bellingham) who found this crystal for the head monk and brought it to the island in 1988...a very interesting story. I haven't been there since the new temple was built but I've heard the gardens at this sacred sight are lovely.

Olivia said...

Thank you all for your comments today. I had scheduled this post months ago and it showed up today. I was surprised!

Kate, I am going back to Kauai in the late fall and will go there. I have been to Kapaa, believe it or not, but didn't know about the temple. I have only been to Kauai once and this will be my second time. It sounds so intriguing!

Thank you all, my friends!