Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wellness Wednesday: Time Abundance

Writing what I did yesterday, I know that time abundance is the answer to what I struggle with. I masqueraded as a life coach in a former life, after all! I know that our perspective on time is all between our ears. However, it still is a major challenge for me.

I appreciated the blog series that Patti recommended in the comments. It's a four part series on The Elasticity of Time at Marelisa Online here. This led me to do a search on "time abundance" on Google, where I found this book, called "The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in Our 24/7 World" by Christine Hohlbaum. It's a new book that just came out yesterday, and unlike many of the books I've read, it goes beyond the philosophy of time abundance and the whole Slow Movement and into practical and concrete ways of implementing mindfulness and the philosophy of slow. If you want to find out more about the book, look inside it on Amazon. Also, you can visit Christine's blog, The Power of Slow, and follow her on Twitter.

I'd love to hear from you in the comments on any thoughts or ideas or reflections you have on time abundance.


thailandchani said...

Time is so equivalent to freedom.. which I suspect is what we all want more than anything.

We didn't come to this planet to be slaves to mundane tasks and obligations. I honestly, honestly believe that.


kikipotamus said...

Without a doubt, I think this is the cornerstone of good self-care and mental balance, well being. Before I give anyone else any of my time, I make sure I have already gotten my fill. Have I taken enough time for a full night's sleep? Have a left myself enough time for my meditation and a slow breakfast? A bath? Reading time? Do I feel harried or hurried in any area of my life? Once I've given myself the time I need for my own nurturing, then I can spare some for another and do so with a brimming heart. No bitterness, no resentment. I can give of myself fully and sincerely. Cutting the time suckers out of my life was the best decision I ever made, starting with 1) time-sucking people 2) television 3) junk mail 4) telemarketers (no phone works wonders on this one). I also no longer do volunteer work, but I give blood as a substitute. Know your limits and learn to say know WITHOUT GUILT or need to justify. I'm so glad you are on this journey!!!

powerofslow said...

I love your attitude, kikipotamus. Slow in this context means mindful living. It moves beyond the idea of speed to a deeper awakening of your time relationship. We can be time abundant only when we are mindful of how we spend our time. In The Power of Slow it is not about time management, as I claim you cannot control time itself, only the things you do within the time you have. Busy is a state of mind. While it is important to lead active and fulfilled lives, stress will lead you down the path of time-sucking activities to compensate for your anxiety. Here's to the power of slow. May it be the very wind beneath your wings! ~Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of 'The Power of Slow: 101 Ways to Save Time in OPur 24/7 World'