Friday, December 19, 2008

Quote From A Wise Man

"Everything is temporary"---Rick Hamrick

This quote was in a back communication with Rick regarding my post here and I wanted to share it with you all, since it is simple and profound. Here's the full text of what Rick wrote:

"I seem to be free of the ever-present anxiety that I've lived with for months and years and that I had when I left on Friday. It is a fantastic feeling. I'm hoping it's not temporary" reminded me of a very powerful thought: it is all temporary. You, though, have the power (always have, always will) to find that peaceful place again, or to fall back into anxiety and stress. The key is to reside in your power, to listen to the voice inside which is connected directly to that power, and to worry not one instant when things turn sour.

Rick Hamrick is a Sufi mystic masquerading as a former (ouch) corporate IT manager. He is also the OFG, a proud PV, father of four marvelously creative and powerful daughters, and second banana to his wife, author Julia Rogers Hamrick. And lastly, he is my good friend, Official Voluntary Blog Editor Extraordinaire, and winner 12 times of the "Man Did You Help Me Out Award" for happyluau.

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark


Sylvain said...

Rick IS a great guy, and wow did I need to read that quote. I'm in the wrong place in my head right now, and have been battling it all day. So thank you. This helped a lot.

Olivia said...

I am SO glad, Sylvain. Reading a comment like yours makes me glad I blogged for the day. I hope you continue to feel better :) xxoo, O

Olivia said...

I added another line to Rick's description acknowledging his role in happyluau. Previously I had just used his byline on JJL...but I realized it was incomplete!

Angela said...

I agree with you 100%. Rick is one really great guy and a mystic in disguise. Coming across people like you and Rick is one reason I love blogging!

thailandchani said...

Stopped by to say hello. I have a few minutes on someone else's computer and I can actually read! Wow!

Interesting quote.

I was wondering if you would post some about Byron Katie. :)


Olivia said...

Thanks, Angela! Ditto for you and our wonderful community! xxoo, O

Olivia said...

Hello, Chani! Yes, indeed I will...I know you mean soon, so I'll do my best. If we have power on, that would be a great post for Sacred Life Sunday. I want to get back into the blogging groove again. Good to see you as always, Love and fast DSL to you, O