Friday, December 26, 2008

Being Happy

Watch this short and profound video. I watched it here on Lori-Lyn's blog "The Dream Life" and felt compelled to---yes, again---lift it right from her blog and republish it here. It is only 1:15 long. I looked up a little bit about Brother David Steindl-Rast who I'd never heard of before and was delighted to find out more about such a wonderful spiritual teacher. His website is


patti said...

Thank you Olivia, I love to be reminded, always, of the need to be grateful.

And now I ask a favour - do you know the link to your post where you quoted a poem called 'I Am Enough'? I have looked in your categories and can't seem to find it. I loved the poem and I thought I'd cut and pasted it but can't find it in all my docs either (!) I would love to read it again - I need it today.

Thank you for your help O.

patti said...

Me again! I don't mean I need you to find it today! (bad wording - sorry, there is no pressure :) I just felt the need for the inspiration.

thank you x

Rick Hamrick said...

Patti--I think this is the post you are looking for.

Olivia--I love this quote from the good Brother, transcribed from this video: " is that happiness that doesn't depend on what happens."

thailandchani said...

I like that quote, too.. cited above! It strikes me as true.


Olivia said...

Once again (see column on the left) Rick has come to the rescue! Thank you, sir! (I initially typed "sire" :), I just woke up.)

Thank you Patti, Rick and Chani, for this discussion...a wonderful way to start the morning remembering all of this...

I hope you each have a great day remembering that we each are enough!



patti said...

Thankyou Rick! Thanks Olivia, it was just the post I was looking for.

Olivia said...

YAY! x, O