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Thursday, October 11, 2007

BE BRAVE: Day 14: Soldiering On

BE BRAVE, otherwise known as "Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You", is the title of the month-long project inspired by Jessie. I am participating daily for a month. Today is Day 14.

Today my brave thing to do was to soldier on through the three user manuals for my AlphaSmart Neo. It was easier than I thought, but far from easy. Drudgery mixed with frustration and challenge.

The freeing thing was just doing it and knowing that procrastination (deep down fear) could not hold me back from taking these steps towards my goal. It was both hard and good. Best of all, I’m now DONE and really know how to use my AlphaSmart Neo, which I have named Kaiolohia, a Hawaiian name that means “peaceful sea” or “peace of mind”. She will be a key part of my tool arsenal in my NaNoWriMo journey next month.

Also today I took lots of measurements for my weight releasing program. I wasn’t going to weigh in pounds, but in kilograms, because I couldn’t face seeing what I actually weighed, but eDiets (my newly chosen form of support...something else new to learn) only shows progress in pounds, so I got to see my true weight. Facing reality. My mantra is “It’s only a number.”

Note to Self: I spent almost 5 hours yesterday with my talented friend Lisa getting my hair done and thought I looked BE-YU-TEE-FULL! Then today I styled my hair---VOILA! My look seems destined to be ummm....this...no matter what I do :) Most perplexing of all, I thought I looked great all day until I saw this picture. It's okay, I can still love myself even though my nickname should be "mop top"!!


Anonymous said...

I think your hair looks cool, very free-spirited.
As for numbers, I always try to remind myself that muscle weighs more than fat.

Just saw your video below - fun opening sequence, and I loved seeing your garden. Really loved seeing the chickens, too. We always had them growing up, and I miss them. It was fun seeing yours, and finding the egg with you. I don't miss cleaning the chicken pen, though :)

Olivia said...

Thanks, Tinker. Boy, I haven't seen you around in a while. Missed, you :) XXOO

Jessie said...

well, i happen to love your hair. so there! i will say, however, that i have this same sort of "naturalness" happen with my hair every day as well. i like to blame it on the fact that i work in a garden shop and i'm outside in the weather half the day. but the unfortunate thing is that it tends to look like that on my days OFF too! oh well. what's a girl to do with so much natural beauty?? ha! :)-

smile on, brave woman! :)

The Dream said...

i love your hair, too! this photo of you is hilarious!

Olivia said...

Ha, Ha, thanks Eileen :)