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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

BE BRAVE: Day 13: Wellness Wednesday---Releasing Weight

BE BRAVE, otherwise known as "Do One Thing Every Day That Scares You", is the title of the month-long project inspired by Jessie. I am participating daily for a month. Today is Day 13.

This short video is only 51 seconds long.

UPDATE: I went to bed at 7pm and slept round the clock until 8am---13 hours! It was exactly what I needed.

~Photo by LoveHubbie Mark


Anonymous said...

I love that you are creating these videos! I love you voice, your face, the inflections of your voice and the bravery it takes to completely reveal yourself in this way. I support you fully in your path of release, and send you much peace and joy in the process!

patti said...

I love that you are 'releasing' weight, not 'losing' it. It has a much gentler more positive feel to it. Happy slumber!

Olivia said...


Thank you for this beautiful acknowledgment. And for your support.

I never thought about having peace and joy in the process instead of struggle but I claim this!

Blessings and love,


Olivia said...


Yes, it does. I don't want to lose something only to find it again :)

Love to you,


Kate Robertson said...


First let me say I saw your video on Amazon and it is truly incredible. You sold me on the book. I also applaud you on your choice to release weight, that is awesome.

I have a blog devoted to Nanowrimo, I have 2 other friends who are participating. Its for support and encouragement. I'd like to invite you to join but I need your email address to do so. If you want to just send it to me. (katespin@yahoo.com) - Kate

Anonymous said...

I got 11 hours myself and it really helped. Thanks for the healing energy you sent me, and it must have been supercharged because you are so well rested. I feel better. :-)

Olivia said...

Kate, thanks for the encouragement about my videos :)
I'll be sending my email your way...Blessings and love, O

Olivia said...

YAY Sylvain, you're welcome. I'm so glad you feel better!! More healing energy to come...Love, O

Jessie said...

like lunarmusings, i love your voice as well. now, when i read your words, i hear you speaking them. it is a wonderful thing. there is a gentleness about you and such a playful sense of humor. you make me smile, you make me feel hopeful, you inspire.

love and blessings back at ya. here's to releasing the things that hold us back. sometimes that means seeing ourselves as being beautiful--just the way we are. be gentle with yourself. here's to being our healthiest selves.

much love to you, friend!