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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sacred Life Sunday: Recreating Eden

Today I had a very special Sacred Life Sunday reading Rick's wife's book Recreating Eden. I was a bit nervous about reviewing it, since Rick and I are friends...but knowing how he appreciates honesty, I went ahead with it anyway. Fortunately it was a fantastic experience. Rick's wife is Julia Rogers Hamrick, and Recreating Eden is a truly amazing book. As a former life coach interested in spirituality, I've read a lot of self-help books, personal growth and transformation books, and books about all types of spirituality. Recreating Eden is a keeper---and unique in the genre.

The experience of reading the book is itself an "upper". Positive energy emanates from it. Really. Really! As I read it I just felt GOOD. I spent the last two days reading it and am left with a feeling of limitlessness and bliss. The last time this happened for me was when I read Ram Dass' "Remember, Be Here Now" in the late 70's. Wow. Who else remembers that one? Come on, 'fess up.

So then I reviewed Julia's book for Amazon and joined the crowd of rave reviewers there.

You know how there is a perfect time for each book you read? Well, this was the perfect time in my life for this one.

If you'd like, read my review here.


thailandchani said...

Oh, I remember it! And I remember the first book of that nature that really grabbed me, too. It's called "Living in the Light". (Shakti Gawain)

It is interesting how the very thing we need to hear seems to show up.


Olivia said...


Yay, someone else who's been "there"...so that you know where "there" is!! I read Shakti's too. I was amazed that there was such a thing as "creative visualization"; it sounded so Eastern and exotic to a girl born in Pennsylvania :)

Yes, it is isn't it (interesting how things that we need to hear show up).

Thanks, Chani :)

xxoo x x,


thailandchani said...

Maybe that's one advantage in being from Los Angeles. LOL It wasn't really exotic to me ~ but I liked it so much! Then I read "Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukov and thought it was one of the wisest books I'd ever read. (That was in the early 90s)

Gee... and I'm still reading that kind of thing! LOL


Olivia said...


I too enjoyed Seat of the Soul, as well as Gary Zukav's subsequent books.

Me, too :)

More great reading, O

Rick Hamrick said...

O--I'm happy for you that you found Recreating Eden such a great read and a helpful one for right now in your life.

It is a story Julia has heard often, that of folks who find the book a powerfully positive one to have around, even when they are not reading it.

It's a magical little work which continues to find people who can benefit from it. I'm overjoyed to know you are one!

patti said...

This book sounds like a 'must have' whenever I visit you Olivia my reading list grows!

Olivia said...


I am indeed one :)

xxoo, O

Olivia said...


I think that you would enjoy the message of Radiating Love...I'm glad that your list grows when you come here :) xx OOOOO, O